Concussion Awareness Training Tool For
School Professionals

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) is a program designed to provide school professionals and administrators with the information they need to take an evidence-based approach in responding to and managing concussion.

45 Minutes

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About CATT for School Professionals
Welcome to the concussion awareness course for school professionals. The Concussion Awareness Training Tool, also known as CATT, was developed to provide teachers, learning assistants, administrators, and other staff members with the information needed to take an evidence-based approach to dealing with concussion. Schools can support a student’s healthy return to school by taking a planned, integrated, and holistic approach to concussion management.
Learning Objectives
This program was developed to help you:
  • Plan and implement learning accommodations for students with concussion
  • Create safe environments which prevent concussion and re-injury
  • Support communication and collaboration within the school and between schools and their community
  • Inform policies
  • Influence practices that support appropriate concussion management

Course Lessons