Concussion Awareness Training Tool For
Parents and Caregivers

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) is a program designed to provide parents and caregivers with the information they need to take an evidence-based approach in responding to and managing concussion.

30 Minutes

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About CATT for Parents and Caregivers
Recognizing when a concussion happens, knowing how to respond, and appropriately supporting a return to regular activity is important for recovery.
The Concussion Awareness Training Tool, also known as CATT, is based upon current concussion evidence and guidelines to provide you with the information you need to take an evidence-based approach to concussion.
Learning Objectives
This program was developed to help you:
  • Understand concussions
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion
  • Respond appropriately to events that could result in a concussion
  • Support your child through concussion management and recovery
  • Understand the importance of concussion prevention and education