Need to quickly assess a potential concussion?

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Medical ProfessionalNews
December 1, 2020

New information for physiotherapists and occupational therapists available

The CATT for Medical Professionals now includes a new module for physiotherapists and occupational therapists who treat patients with concussion.
Medical ProfessionalNewsWomen's Support Worker
November 30, 2020

New concussion course to help support survivors of brain injury in intimate partner violence

The new CATT for Women's Support Workers gives those who support survivors of intimate partner violence evidence-based tools.
CoachNewsPlayer or ParticipantSchool Professional
September 15, 2020

Concussion training mandated for BC School Sports coaches and trainers

Every head coach, assistant coach, manager, teacher-sponsor and student-manager will complete the CATT training.
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So amazing to see @NVSD44 has adopted a #concussion policy! Great first step in improving concussion recognition, response, and management for their staff and students. cattonline photo

ICYMI: We've updated the CATT for Medical Professionals #concussion course to include information for physiotherapists and occupational therapists. #concussioned Learn more: cattonline photo

A slip, trip, or fall in icy weather can cause more than a sprain—it could result in a #concussion.

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