Why You Should Mandate CATT For Workers & Workplaces For Your Organization

What does it mean to mandate the Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Workers and Workplaces?

Mandating the Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Workers and Workplaces (CATT WW) means that your organization values the health and well-being of its members, and is committed to creating a culture of safety at work. CATT WW is a free 30-45 minute e-learning course available online and a certificate of completion will be provided. Mandating CATT WW means that you will be able to track the members of your organization who have completed this course. It entails deciding who in your organization is required or strongly encouraged to complete the training, communicating this mandate within your organizations, and providing an email address for tracking purposes.

At the end of the CATT WW course, participants are prompted to enter their name, the name of their organization, and their email address in order to receive their certificate of completion. All completions are tracked by CATT, and copies of your members’ certificates are automatically forwarded in real-time to your organization’s designated email address.

What organizations should mandate the Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Workers & Workplaces?

Although concussions can occur anywhere, WorkSafeBC data show that the service industry (including healthcare, tourism, food services, etc.), has the highest number of reported concussions that result in time away from work, followed by trades and construction.
  • NOTE: Across Canada, the highest rates of workplace concussions are in the primary industries (including forestry, fishing, farming and mining, etc.) and the transportation, storage, and service industries.
If your organization is in an industry where there is a high rate of workplace concussions, it is strongly recommended to mandate and promote CATT WW. It is useful for everyone to know how to prevent and respond to a potential concussion-causing incident, as the minutes, hours, and days afterwards can significantly influence recovery.

What if it’s difficult for everyone to take 30-45 minutes out of their day to sit at a computer?

If your workplace is within the BC Lower Mainland, a CATT facilitator can lead group training sessions, including train-the-trainer sessions for larger organizations. Group training sessions are a great way for up to 30 people to complete the e-module together, and receive additional information from the in-person facilitator.

What does it cost to mandate?

Mandating CATT WW within your organization is free—our staff time to track certificate completions and provide group training is part of our commitment to standardize concussion recognition, response, management, and prevention. Print resources are available for free electronic download, or to order hard copies at low, cost recovery prices.

What can we do after everyone has completed the e-learning module?

CATT WW has a selection of tools and resources for concussion awareness, response, management and prevention at your fingertips, available for free download. Print resources are portable, cost effective, easy to refer to quickly, and provide a reminder to be diligent about safety in the workplace.

The Concussion Resources Package for Workers and Workplaces (booklet), available for free download or as a printed booklet (fee), includes:
  • CATT Concussion Information Sheet
  • CATT Concussion Pathway (also available as a poster & flip card)
  • CATT Concussion Incident Report (fillable PDF or print form)
  • CATT Medical Clearance Letter (fillable PDF or print form)
  • CATT Medical Assessment Letter (fillable PDF print form)
  • CATT Return to Work Strategy (also available as a flip card)
  • CATT Managing Mental Health Symptoms
  • NOTE: For a limited time, a package of print resources will be provided free-of-charge to organizations that mandate CATT WW.
catt.bcchdigital.ca is also updated on a regular basis with new concussion resources and information from other organizations.

What organizations have already mandated the Concussion Awareness Training Tool?

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool has e-learning modules and toolkits for different audiences: Medical Professionals; Coaches; Parents and Caregivers; School Professionals; and Workers and Workplaces. As CATT WW is our newest toolkit, it has not yet been mandated by a workplace; the other CATT e-learning modules, however, have been mandated by over 25 sports associations and schools (e.g., BC Hockey).

We want our organization to take CATT WW! 

If you are interested in learning more or mandating CATT for your organization, please contact us at concussion@bcchr.ca