Has Your Sport Organization Mandated CATT For Coaches?

A number of organizations have mandated CATT for Coaches & CATT for Parents / Caregivers training. This course provide coaches with the information they need to provide evidence-based care for their athletes who have sustained a concussion. Mandating CATT for Coaches e-learning course & CATT for Parents/Caregivers e-learning course is easy and means that you will be able to track all participants who have completed this course on behalf of your organization.

We only need 2 things:
  • How do you want your organization name listed in the drop-down menu?
  • Which email would you like the copy of the completed certificates to go to? Some organizations set up a separate email to manage the large quantity of emails coming in (i.e.catt@yourorganization.ca)
Once each participant has completed CATT for Coaches & CATT for Parents / Caregivers they will be prompted to fill out some simple personal information to download their certificate. They will also receive an email with their certificate, and your organization will also receive a copy to the email address of your choosing and be able to track them yourself.

Once you’ve confirmed these two things, we will set up on the CATT website, a test certificate will be generated, and we will send you some instructions to share with your Coaches &/or Parents.


  • 3 C’s Minor Hockey Association
  • BC Hockey
  • BC Provincial Football Association
  • BC School Sports
  • BC Ultimate Society
  • Burnaby Skating Club
  • Calgary Flag Football
  • Camp Northway
  • Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International
  • Cliff Avenue United FC
  • Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club
  • DEVO-Escape Velocity-Escape Velocity Cycling
  • Engage Sport North
  • Flicka Gymnastics
  • Fraser Academy
  • Gorge Soccer
  • Hockey NWT
  • International Skateboard Certification Program
  • Kerrisdale Little League
  • Langley Minor Lacrosse Association
  • Lesley University
  • Manitoba Combative Sports Commission
  • McKnight Hockey Association
  • Mulgrave School
  • Nicola Valley Lacrosse Association
  • North Shore Girls Soccer Club
  • Peterborough City Soccer Association
  • Port Coquitlam Euro Rite Football Club
  • Queen’s Athletics and Recreation
  • Redeemer University
  • Richmond Girls Soccer
  • Ridge Meadows Minor Softball
  • Sundre Rec Hockey Association
  • South West Zone Hockey
  • Texas Department of Public Safety – Arrest and Control Tactics
  • The Forge Western Martial Arts
  • Trent University
  • United Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Canada
  • Upper Island Soccer Association
  • Vancouver Island Wave
  • Vancouver United FC
  • VIP Sports- Surf Soccer Club
  • Water Polo West
  • University of Waterloo – Staff
  • University of Regina
  • Durham College
  • Scarborough Stingers Baseball Club
  • Seneca College
  • Trafalgar Castle School
  • York University
If you are interested in mandating CATT for your organization, please contact us at concussion@bcchr.ca.