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If you are currently experiencing concussion symptoms and would prefer to listen to the audio only or read the full transcript of the CATT e-learning module for Workers and Workplaces, you can download these resources.

Course includes:
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Recognize
  • Respond
  • Manage
  • Symptoms
  • Prevent
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CoachMedical ProfessionalNewsWorkers & Workplaces

New Canadian policy on concussion

The new policy from leading medical and sporting organizations refers to concussion in sport, leisure, and occupational settings.

NewsWorkers & Workplaces

New Toolkit to Help Working Adults Recover From Concussion

The new module includes resources such as a Return to Work strategy and Incident Report for workplaces to document a potential concussion-causing event.

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Survey shows Canadians consider concussions to be an important health issue

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s survey found that only 51% of Canadians polled know where to find information on the brain injury.

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