As a health care provider, you have an important role in providing primary care to patients with acute concussion and those with persistent post-concussion symptoms.

Drs. Michael Ellis, Shannon Bauman, and Charles Tator, along with members of Parachute Canada, outline how primary care providers can assess, manage, and help prevent concussion in a recent journal article.

Some of the tools available in the health care provider toolkit include:

  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-5 (SCAT5) or Child SCAT5;
  • Assessment of level of consciousness and mental status with the Glasgow Coma Scale; and
  • Further education on prevention and management after diagnosis, including providing patients with a Medical Assessment Letter.

Read the article in the journal of Pediatrics & Child Health.

Learn more about Parachute’s Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport.

Photo credit: Monkey Business Images | Shutterstock