Teachers, school staff, school administrators, learning aides, and early childhood educators now have access to an updated version of the CATT e-learning module to support them in recognizing and responding to a concussion, as well as resources detailing how to manage an student’s return to school.

CATT for School Professionals is free-of-charge and available in English and French. Information is relevant for school professionals of all levels of education (early childhood, elementary, middle/high school, and university/college).

The revised CATT for School Professionals contains recommendations from the 2017 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport and other evidence-based resources, including that prolonged rest until all symptoms have resolved is not recommended before students return to school. After an initial rest period of 24 to 48 hours, it is recommended that students may be reintroduced to light cognitive and physical activity so long as the activity does not make symptoms worse. A Return to Learn plan should be created in partnership with parents or caregivers and the student’s support system.

Take the new CATT for School Professionals course and access school-related concussion resources.

An information package for School Professionals was developed as a go-to reference guide. This PDF package contains an overview of concussion recognition, response and management, and several documents to assist school professionals in providing comprehensive support to their students, such as an Incident Report, a Return to Learn Plan template, and a list of Learning Accommodations for Students.

To date, 30 sports organizations and schools have mandated CATT training for their members. For more information on making CATT training a part of your school’s standard procedures, contact [email protected].