Dr. Shelina Babul and the CATT team

The CATT team and the collaborators of the CATT for High-Performance Athletes (CATT Athletes) course received national recognition for their work to provide centralized concussion education for university-level athletes in Canada.

The Canadian Collaborating Centres for Injury Prevention (CCCIP) Award is given to a group of individuals or organizations that best demonstrates the power and value of collaboration as crucial to effective injury prevention and safety promotion initiatives in Canada.

CATT Athletes launched in 2020. To date, 27 universities and colleges across Canada have mandated CATT for its athletes as part of their educational requirements.

Athletes, athletic directors, and athletic therapists were involved at all levels of creating the course, informing both content and delivery. After the course launched, the team followed up with the U SPORTS athletic directors and head athletic therapists to understand the facilitators and barriers of adopting the new tool with their athletes.

The award was announced at the Canadian Injury Prevention Conference, which took place in Vancouver from November 2 to 4.

Congrats to the recipients:

  • Shelina Babul and the CATT team, BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit
  • John Jacob, BC Children’s Hospital Digital Lab
  • Lauren Lattimer, Atlantic Provinces Athletic Therapists’ Association
  • Brian Roy, Brock University Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
  • Dawn Haworth, Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Mike Robinson, Canadian Athletic Therapists Association
  • Frances Flint, Ontario Athletic Therapists Association
  • Taryn Taylor, U SPORTS
  • Amanda Black, University of Calgary