A new concussion toolkit provides guidance on navigating the injury and returning to work, a valuable resource for the more than 7,700 British Columbian adults who are seen in the emergency room for concussion every year.

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Workers & Workplaces (CATT WW) is a free resource developed by researchers at the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) with support from the Provincial Health Services Authority and in partnership with WorkSafeBC. While there is a misconception that concussions only happen to athletes, this tool is intended to be used by people who experience concussion in their everyday lives like falling off a ladder at a worksite, tripping while walking the dog, or getting into a car crash.

CATT for Workers & Workplaces consists of free online resources consisting of an e-learning course and associated materials that workers, their families, and workplaces can use to navigate the return-to-work process after sustaining a concussion. The course is available in both English and French.

To create CATT WW, an international environmental scan and extensive literature review was conducted. We also facilitated focus groups and interviews, talking to over 45 individuals from a variety of industries about their experience with concussion.

Visit the landing page for resources and the e-learning course for workers and workplaces

Download the CATT Information Package for Workers & Workplaces (PDF).